Broken Stained Glass Window - Oh No! Here's What To Do


A beautiful stained glass window is bound to be one of the most treasured aspects of your vintage home. Usually situated in an obvious place, such as around an entry door or in a sitting room, these windows bring character to any space. However, vintage stained glass windows are also somewhat delicate in construction and easy to break. If the worst happens and you accidentally break your stained glass window, there are steps you should take so it can be rightly repaired by expert glass installation services.

20 November 2017

3 Simple Rules To Protect The Life Of Your Car Windshield On The Road


If there is one common reason why cracks, chips, and dings happen to a car windshield, it is being hit by a piece of flying debris on the highway. Although most drivers see this as unavoidable calamity, the truth is, there are a lot of things you can do as a driver to prevent flying debris from causing your windshield damage. Take a look at these few simple rules you can follow as a driver to ensure you are not left with a cracked or chipped windshield and in need of an auto glass service.

4 February 2017

Decorative Patio Glass Options To Try


Your patio is one of your home's luxuries, allowing you and your family to access your yard with ease. While many patio doors are designed with simple functionality in mind, if you want something more ornate with your overall design, you can accomplish a stunning view with the right patio glass. Whether you have sliding glass doors or your patio opens with lovely French doors that add a charm to your home, here are some decorative patio glass options you can try to add that special pizazz to your favorite aspect of your home.

24 October 2016

Tips For Picking The Right Glass Shower For Families With Kids


A glass shower door can really make a small bathroom look more open and bright. The clean lines and open glass also provide a clean, modern feel to the bathroom. Your one hesitation to upgrading to glass may be if you have children, due to safety and maintenance concerns. The following tips can help set these concerns to rest. Tip #1: Choose a translucent glass A major concern with glass doors and kids is that water and soap scum from messy bathers will build up on the glass, requiring near daily cleaning so that it looks nice.

29 September 2016

Apply Tint To A Picture Window's Glass Pane To Increase Privacy And Block The Sun's Rays


Apply window tint to a large picture window in your living room by completing the project below. The tint will increase privacy so that you do not need to cover the window to prevent others from looking inside of your home. It will also help keep the room at a comfortable temperature, since the inside of your home won't be exposed to the sun's hot rays. Materials jeweler's polish buffing cloth glass cleaner soft cloth ruler roll of self-adhesive window tint rubber gloves scissors mild dish detergent water spray misting bottle plastic scraper paint roller Remove Imperfections And Clean The Glass

22 August 2016

Buying A Used Car With A Cracked Windshield: Questions To Ask


Many used cars for sale come with a few minor blemishes, and windshield issues (such as minor cracks and pits) are a common occurrence. But before you buy, here are some questions to ask to make sure that you're still getting a good deal.  Why Did the Windshield Crack? Reasons for cracked windshields vary. Some are due to random roadside accidents, such as rocks flying into the windshield. Others can be the fault of the seller, such as improper winter maintenance.

28 July 2016

Sudden Starburst Crack Or Chip In Your Home Window? Possible Causes And How To Fix It Affordably


Looking at your once-perfect home window and realizing that the glass now has a sudden chip or starburst crack in it can be alarming. You may worry that it was caused by an attempted break-in while you were away from home and begin worrying that the glass will cost a small fortune to replace. Before you panic, read on to find out what the most common causes of chips and starburst cracks in windows are and why the fix may be very affordable, or even free!

11 July 2016

Tips For Protecting Your Car Windshield From Damage


Car windshields can be expensive to fix. Most car owners feel as though windshield damage is something that they can't control since windshield damage often happens at high speeds and unexpectedly. But there are some things that you can do habitually that will reduce your risk. Don't Follow Other Cars Closely The most significant cause of windshield damage is a rock being flung onto your windshield by another car. You can avoid this by staying back from the cars in front of you a bit.

7 July 2016

Repair A Chip In A Greenhouse's Glass Door


If the glass door that provides an entryway to the greenhouse that you own has a small chip on its surface and you do not wish to have the entire piece of glass replaced, fill the damaged area by completing the following steps. Once the repair has been made, the chip will not be visible and the glass will remain damage-free as long as you keep it maintained. Materials glass cleaner lint-free cloths glass repair kit masking tape plastic scraper Clean The Door's Surface And Attach The Piece With Suction Cups

3 July 2016

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Consider A Walk-In Shower


One of the most fun home remodels for homeowners is the bathroom. If you are looking for a luxurious addition that will transform your regular bathroom into a spa-like experience, consider installing a walk-in shower without doors. These showers are frame less, which adds not only to the beauty of the shower, but it also makes the process of caring for it much simpler. These walk-in showers are quickly becoming popular among new home builders due to the modern look they provide, in addition to their other benefits, which include the following:

6 June 2016