Learn to Blow Glass

Glass blowing is a wonderful hobby that results in some beautiful artwork for your home. My name is Natalie, and I started in glass blowing as a hobbyist, but now I teach classes in this skill. Some people think glass blowing is difficult or dangerous. That's not the case at all. As you build your skill level, you will find that you learn very quickly. In this blog, I will examine the misconceptions about glass blowing and teach you some of the techniques. I will also give you helpful tips about where to find a glass so you can practice this new skill yourself.

Broken Stained Glass Window - Oh No! Here's What To Do


A beautiful stained glass window is bound to be one of the most treasured aspects of your vintage home. Usually situated in an obvious place, such as around an entry door or in a sitting room, these windows bring character to any space. However, vintage stained glass windows are also somewhat delicate in construction and easy to break. If the worst happens and you accidentally break your stained glass window, there are steps you should take so it can be rightly repaired by expert glass installation services. Here is a look at what you should do if your stained glass window breaks. 

Collect the broken pieces that are completely dislodged. 

because a stained glass window is pieced together, if it breaks, it is likely that you will lose a few of the sections of glass that will fall to the floor and some of it will still be in place. Put on a pair of gloves and collect the larger broken pieces in a small box for safe keeping. This will give the glass specialist something to look at when they are making new replacements because vintage glass can be so varied in texture and color hue. 

Gently remove any loose hanging pieces from the stained glass. 

Depending on how the stained glass was broken out, it is possible that some pieces will be slightly connected and hanging from the flux or soldered edging. If this is the case, and you can safely do so, gently ug those pieces free and keep them with the rest of the collected glass. If you cannot pull the glass pieces away from the window without other sections seeming to move, leave them be. pulling and tugging on even one piece of glass that is connected to the structured frame can put enough stress on the rest of the glass to cause more damage. 

Cover the entire window by attaching tape and plastic to the perimeter. 

Your first inclination if there is a small hole in your stained glass window will be to simply cover that hole with tape and plastic or cardboard. However, you do not want to apply any adhesives to the glass itself because trying to pull it off later can cause further damage. Instead, tape off the whole window opening by covering the window opening with plastic or cardboard and taping the perimeter of the material around the whole window. 


20 November 2017