Learn to Blow Glass

Glass blowing is a wonderful hobby that results in some beautiful artwork for your home. My name is Natalie, and I started in glass blowing as a hobbyist, but now I teach classes in this skill. Some people think glass blowing is difficult or dangerous. That's not the case at all. As you build your skill level, you will find that you learn very quickly. In this blog, I will examine the misconceptions about glass blowing and teach you some of the techniques. I will also give you helpful tips about where to find a glass so you can practice this new skill yourself.

3 Simple Rules To Protect The Life Of Your Car Windshield On The Road


If there is one common reason why cracks, chips, and dings happen to a car windshield, it is being hit by a piece of flying debris on the highway. Although most drivers see this as unavoidable calamity, the truth is, there are a lot of things you can do as a driver to prevent flying debris from causing your windshield damage. Take a look at these few simple rules you can follow as a driver to ensure you are not left with a cracked or chipped windshield and in need of an auto glass service. 

Slow down your rate of speed on unpaved surfaces. 

If you live in a rural area or find yourself traveling off the well-beaten path on a regular basis, there is a pretty good chance your tires will hit some unpaved surfaces. From old dirt roads to graveled country lanes, these are the kinds of roads that can easily lead to cracks in your windshield if you are not careful while you drive. Drop down your speed considerably while traveling on unpaved surfaces and you will be less likely to see kicked up debris, whether it is a piece of gravel or otherwise, thrown at your windshield while driving. 

Keep your distance from dump trucks and people hauling loads of material. 

Pretty much every driver has found themselves sailing along right behind a massive dump truck load of gravel or small materials. Even though these vehicles often have signs warning following drivers to keep their distance, these signs are easy to disregard if you are in a rush. It is crucial to maintain your distance from these vehicles so flying or falling debris does not come in contact with your windshield. Likewise, be alert to drivers of pickup trucks or those hauling trailers filled with loose materials. Remember, just one slipped piece of gravel can be thrown a great distance when the vehicle it is on is traveling quickly. 

Steer clear of road construction zones. 

Road construction can be a real pain for drivers, but these areas can also mean a threat to your windshield. Excessive fresh pavement temperatures, gravel, and other things that go along with roadway construction could easily leave you with a crack or chip in your auto glass. To avoid problems, find a detour route to stay away from these areas. If they are unavoidable, slow down your vehicle and be especially alert to your surroundings. 

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4 February 2017