Learn to Blow Glass

Glass blowing is a wonderful hobby that results in some beautiful artwork for your home. My name is Natalie, and I started in glass blowing as a hobbyist, but now I teach classes in this skill. Some people think glass blowing is difficult or dangerous. That's not the case at all. As you build your skill level, you will find that you learn very quickly. In this blog, I will examine the misconceptions about glass blowing and teach you some of the techniques. I will also give you helpful tips about where to find a glass so you can practice this new skill yourself.

Tips To Help You Repair And Refinish Your Home's Exterior Metal Door


Your home's exterior can become worn and old looking as paint begins to peel, siding becomes dirty, and your front door gets dented and damaged. Keeping your home looking well-maintained can easily be accomplished by keeping these areas of your home, along with your lawn and landscaping, in good repair and well-kept. When your front exterior door becomes dented, scratched, and otherwise damaged, you can make the repairs and resurface the door on your own. Here are some instructions and tips to help you complete this home maintenance project.

Prepare and Patch the Door

Before you can make any patch repairs on the dents and dings, you will need to clean the door's surface to remove a build-up of oils and residue. Use a liquid dish detergent with warm water and wash the door with a cloth.

Next, use a rough-grit sanding block or sandpaper to remove the paint from the areas of damage. This removes the layer of paint and roughens up the surface of the door so the patch you will be applying will adhere onto the door. 

Mix up a container of auto body filler or use a container of pre-mixed auto body filler. Use a metal putty knife to apply the filler into each of the dents, scratches, and holes in your door. As you smooth the filler onto the surface, make sure it is level with the surrounding areas. When the filler has dried fully, use a fine-grit sanding block or sand paper to smooth the surface of the filler to remove any bumps and ridges you may have inadvertently left on its surface.

Refinish the Door

After you have filled in holes to make your door smooth again, you will need to apply a solid coat of primer over the door. But first, clean the entire door using a de-greaser cleaner to remove the build-up of skin oils. This removes any old build-up you missed when you cleaned the door for the patch repairs and also removes any oils that been applied onto the door during its repair.

Remove the door from the door frame if you have not already done so, and remove the hardware from the door. This will allow you to more easily apply the paint. And being able to set the door horizontally on a surface helps you avoid runs from occurring while you paint. 

A coat of primer will help make your painted door's surface and the paint's color look even. If you are going to be painting the door in a white or lighter color, apply a coat of white primer. If you will be applying colored paint, using a grey primer makes it easier for the paint color to evenly cover the door's surface.

It can be tricky applying primer and paint in an even coating without bubbles or runs, but with the right technique, you can do it easily. Use a small paint roller to apply the paint and primer onto your prepared door instead of a paint brush. Paint brushes don't apply the paint and primer as evenly as you want on a door, and any streaks from the brush will easily show up on the door's surface.

After you have painted on a layer of primer or paint and after allowing it to dry, sand smooth any bumps or blemishes from the door. Use a 180- to 220-grit sandpaper or a sanding block to remove any bubbles, runs, or any other mars over the surface of paint. After you have sanded just enough to smooth each of the blemishes wipe any sanding dust with a damp cloth, then apply the next layer of paint. 

Use these tips to help you keep your metal or aluminum exterior door in good condition. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Caplan Bros Inc.


21 June 2017