Learn to Blow Glass

Glass blowing is a wonderful hobby that results in some beautiful artwork for your home. My name is Natalie, and I started in glass blowing as a hobbyist, but now I teach classes in this skill. Some people think glass blowing is difficult or dangerous. That's not the case at all. As you build your skill level, you will find that you learn very quickly. In this blog, I will examine the misconceptions about glass blowing and teach you some of the techniques. I will also give you helpful tips about where to find a glass so you can practice this new skill yourself.

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Consider A Walk-In Shower


One of the most fun home remodels for homeowners is the bathroom. If you are looking for a luxurious addition that will transform your regular bathroom into a spa-like experience, consider installing a walk-in shower without doors. These showers are frame less, which adds not only to the beauty of the shower, but it also makes the process of caring for it much simpler. These walk-in showers are quickly becoming popular among new home builders due to the modern look they provide, in addition to their other benefits, which include the following:

Fit Any Bathroom Style

One great thing about walk-in showers is that they can fit almost any bathroom configuration and interior design plan. Because frame less shower panels take up less space than standard showers, they can make a small bathroom seem somewhat larger.

Retain Privacy

A concern many homeowners have when they initially hear about walk-in showers is the lack of privacy. If that is a concern for you, you can retain your privacy by adding a half wall in your bathroom shower design. You can also install the shower in a corner of the bathroom that does not face the door. You may want to install frosted glass for the shower panels.

Clean With Ease

Another perk to these showers is the fact that they are very easy to keep clean. There are very few seams, so you do not have to worry as much about mildew as you would a typical shower stall. To clean the walk-in shower, you only need to spray some glass cleaner and wipe them down with a soft cloth. You can also wipe the glass panels down with a squeegee after each use to prevent any water spots left by hard water.

Perfect For Any Age

These walk-in shower designs, such as from Enterprise Glass Co Inc, are perfect for young, old, and everything in between. Because there are no tubs to step into, anyone can easily walk in and out of the shower without worry of falling or tripping. For parents of small children, these showers make cleaning the kids a breeze. Because they are so open and spacious, you can easily stand right next to your child and shower them off with ease.

A walk-in shower can provide a wonderful space to enjoy a relaxing, hot shower at the end of the day. To make your shower even more luxurious, ask about installing multiple shower heads in order to make it a more therapeutic experience.


6 June 2016